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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Teacher Binder FINISHED!

I have FINALLY finished creating and tweaking my Teacher Binder!  Next year I may change things up a bit, but for now this works perfectly for me!

I started with a 3" white binder, 2 packs of colored plastic dividers, and a handful of page protectors.  Then I downloaded some free binder covers from Teachers Pay Teachers to use for sections in my binder.  (Sorry, I don't have the link and when I went back to look for them I could not find them.)

In the front of my binder I have a pencil case with my data highlighters, pens, pencils, flags, and extra Post-It notes.  Behind the pencil case is a hole puncher for papers passed out at meetings that I would like to save or have to save.  Then I put standard forms that I use on a daily basis in page protectors in front of my other binder sections.  These forms include copying and laminating request forms, day-off request forms, behavior referral forms, and so on. 

Next, I have a section for meeting notes.  Immediately behind this page protector is a spiral notebook for note taking and then five dividers for papers distributed during meetings.  I have a divider for faculty meetings, department meetings, team meetings, technology meetings, and our union meetings. 

Following the meeting note section is a section for parent communication and eight dividers.  the first divider is for my parent communication chart where I document all phone and most email conversations I have with parents.  This is a really good habit to have in case there is a problem later with the student.  After my communication chart I have a tab for each of the classes I teach and my study hall.  In each section I have a class list with parent names and phone numbers for easy access when I need to call home.  These charts were generated through PowerSchool, but you can make your own or have the students fill out an information sheet. 

Using the left over three tabs from my meeting note section, I have divided my student information section into three sections - gifted, learning support, and music.  (The music department sends out a lot of class lists and lesson schedules.)

My last section is for Assessments and Data.  In this section I have documentation from my data conferences with administration, PVASS reports, PSSA scores, and MAP data.  I also have this years additions to the guidelines for administering the PSSA (Pennsylvania Standardized State Assessment.) the back of my binder has a few extra pocket protectors just in case there are additional forms I want to keep at my fingertips. 

Please share your ideas for your teacher binder and how you have yours organized for ease of use.  I am always looking for ways to make my life easier!  Hopefully this has given you some ideas for your own teacher binder.

Monday, December 17, 2012

New TpT Unit - Green Building!

I have posted my third item to my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  This unit is my STEM: Green Building Unit that I created back in September/October.  The kids loved it, so I decided to clean it up a bit and post it for FREE!  I think I am settled on just keeping everything in my store free.  This unit encompasses A LOT!  My administration advised me that my STEM course is suppose to be "a class of appetizers," meaning I am to introduce ideas and concepts but not dwell on them or expect mastery.  I am slowly adjusting to this idea and I think that this unit is a great "appetizer" for transfer of heat, green building, environmental studies, and sustainable living.  Please download this FREE unit and rate it in my TpT store.  If you have any resources that you think would be helpful to me when I teach this unit in the spring, please comment below!  I am always looking for new games and activities for me and my students.