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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Engineering is Elementary

I hope everyone is settling into the school year smoothly.  Despite returning after a long (7 month) maternity leave, I am transitioning smoothly.  This is just a quick post to share a wonderful resource!

EIE is another FANTASTIC resource for teachers trying to infuse STEM into their regular classroom as well as develop STEM-based after school programs.  While not every resource is free on this website, they do offer a number of units and lessons free for teachers to download.  Lessons and units are available for grades 1 through 8.  I just finished downloading (in exchange for my email and school information) the unit "Here Comes The Sun."  This is a unit that I hope to use pieces of during my Green Building and Sustainability unit.  My Discovery Education account expires in October and I will need to find an alternative activity to the "Keep it Cool" lab on the Discovery Education website.  Hopefully this packet helps.  Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!

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